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No Relief

No Relief

Luke has a history of Fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD) of the lower extremities. He contacted 2nd.MD because none of his current medications or treatments were not providing the relief he was seeking.


Luke was experiencing constant pain, which affected his everyday life. Steroids, short-term sympathetic nerve blocks, stretching, and physical therapy all helped ease some of his pain; however, he wanted to explore his other options that may provide additional relief.


2nd.MD was able to connect Luke with a specialist who reviewed a very robust set of medical records related to his past treatments and symptoms. This specialist discussed the possibility that Luke had Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. The specialist mentioned tests to be discussed with his local treating physician to better confirm this diagnosis. 


After his consult, Luke was hopeful stating, “I really hope that this is what is going to turn around my health and subsequently my life and career, couldn’t be more pleased with my experience so far.”

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