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Relying On Pain Medications

Relying on Pain Medications

Adam found himself relying on pain medications and deep pain injections even after having major back surgeries. While the most recent surgery helped ease his back pain, it did not eliminate it and he continued to experience numbness in his leg from a pinched nerve. Adam made the decision to research alternative options to his current treatment plan as he did not want to live on pain medications throughout his life.  


The 2nd.MD nurse collected all of Adam’s medical history, tests, and records, and selected an expert to consult with Adam. The specialist informed him of various exercises to consider trying as well as acupuncture. Upon follow-up, Adam expressed his willingness to try these suggested alternatives and was very happy with the service he received.


Adam noted that the 2nd.MD nurse was extremely kind and pleasant to work with. He stated how he wished he had tried 2nd.MD earlier and not waited until he was desperate for other options.


“I appreciate the human interaction in going through the process.  It was also enlightening to see 2nd.MD also considers experts outside my insurance network.  This increased my confidence that the consult was based upon expertise, not just convenience or cost considerations.  In my case, I had almost reached the end of treatment options (did not want additional surgery) and my pain management team had tried almost everything.  I am now wishing I had tried 2nd.MD earlier and not waited until desperate for other options.”

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