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Medical History

Elise works a demanding job, spends lots of time watching her grandchildren, and loves to dance. Both her father and brother died from a heart attack at an early age and she had suffered a heart attack herself.  When she started presenting worrisome symptoms, with her personal and family medical history in mind, she visited her local cardiologist, who recommended a defibrillator implant. She was not eager to proceed with the recommended procedure and wanted advice on pursuing possible alternative solutions.


Elise was thrilled to be paired with a top 2nd.MD specialist who is board certified in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. With his specific expertise in heart arrhythmias, he was able to provide her a more detailed understanding of her condition. 


With his wealth of knowledge, the 2nd.MD specialist answered all of Elise’s questions and was both attentive and patient. 


Through her consult, Elise learned of additional diagnostic testing and medications she could discuss with her local specialist before pursuing an ICD placement. 


In her own words, Elise exclaimed, “I feel this is a wonderful program! I would highly recommend it!”

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