Team Spotlight

Brittany – Process Analyst

Process Analyst

Meet Brittany – Process Analyst at 2nd.MDWhen Brittany is not playing hours of peek-a-boo with her toddler or pretending to be a professional photographer, she can be found doing some incredible things at 2nd.MD to help improve the lives of our members each and every day.

What do you do here at 2nd.MD?

“I’m responsible for understanding, maintaining and improving all processes in place for file data that we upload into our system. In our COO’s words, I’m the “keeper of the kingdom” as it relates to file specs!”

Why do you do what you do?

“I enjoy staying organized, problem-solving and ensuring smooth workflow & communication. I enjoy helping find a way to make someone’s job a little easier around here – especially for a company and for people I feel proud to work with.”

What do you enjoy most about what you do here?

I was drawn to this company because of the effort we put into making medical information more accessible to people in need. Every day I find myself motivated because I enjoy knowing I contribute to impacting people in such a sincere way.”

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