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Confident in Second Opinion with 2nd.MD!

confident in 2nd.MD second opinion

Karina had been experiencing foot pain for months, even after two visits to the podiatrist, steroid injections and pain medication. As an employee of 2nd.MD, she felt confident in their services and ability to provide her with a medical second opinion.

Karina had the opportunity to consult with a top 2nd.MD specialist and gained insight into her condition. The specialist suggested Karina try calf stretches and wear orthotics, as well as make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon if she needed further relief. 

Upon follow up, Karina noted the stretches were working!  She canceled her upcoming appointment with the podiatrist and would consider consulting with an orthopedic surgeon if needed. 

With appreciation for the 2nd.MD service, Karina wrote the following review: “I’m super impressed with all the details the specialist has given me in explaining the condition. The process was so smooth and quick! In 5 business days, all is done. Dayna (the nurse) was attentive to the details and communicated every step of the way.”

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