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Born With an Irregular Aortic Heart Valve

irregular aortic heart valve

A 59-year-old member who was born with an irregular aortic heart valve and a heart murmur was concerned after experiencing some heart palpitations. With his family’s medical history of heart disease, he was determined to learn more about his condition and find out what tests could be performed to monitor his cardiac status.  

Through the benefits offered by his employer, the member had direct access to 2nd.MD. The 2nd.MD nurse retrieved his medical records, connected him with a world-renowned cardiologist and educated him on a variety of different tests which could help determine the next steps in his treatment plan to be discussed with his local doctor. The 2nd.MD specialist also discussed the possibility of a fatty liver, which had not yet been explored, and suggested he discuss this with his treating physician as it may affect the member’s heart health.  

The member was extremely happy with his consultation and believed the 2nd.MD specialist had identified evidence of illness which had not been detected by his primary doctor or his cardiologist. He was so confident in the specialist’s recommendations and in 2nd.MD’s excellent service that he requested a local referral for his ongoing care and treatment.

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