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    Herniated Disc

    Herniated Disc

    Helen suffered from a herniated disc and when she started experiencing numbness and tingling in her hands, her local doctor suggested a cervical fusion. Helen reached out to 2nd.MD to find out if surgery was the best treatment option.

    The 2nd.MD specialist suggested physical therapy as a conservative option to consider.  Helen was confident with this approach and took this information to her local provider. When following up with her, she said she had already begun some exercises.

    “This overall was a great experience, I’ve already shared my experience with peers and would use again if needed, thank you!”

  • Intolerable Pain
    Success Stories

    Intolerable Pain

    A few years ago, Jarrod underwent a cervical fusion to relieve intolerable pain. Unfortunately, nothing changed. He continued to try every treatment known to him to find relief, but still, nothing…